The glorious weather continued through the weekend and Colin has moved copious amounts of dirt to extend the Eagles Nest track to an awesome 252m. There are plenty of nice corners, wiggles, dips and the odd giant berm. One more weekend session and the Eagles Nest will be completed. We believe we have also found the old benched track that heads around the front of the mine shaft, which we will re-open to give us access to the next two areas we wish to build on.

Alistair also came out on Sunday to continue to work on the Long Cut and he and Lisa did a great job at the entrance to the trail in the time they had to give.


We were a bit tired to go for the planned night riding over the weekend, but Shailer rode all the trails on Monday and the newly created work on the Eagles Nest is good to ride and will only improve when the softer spots harden up after a rain and summer.

12-13 September 2009