Another session of touching up areas, particularly corners, in the existing loop, and the club hired a rock breaker to get at those hard to reach places. Alistair has been doing a great job at dealing to the rockier sections at Haven with his trusty cold chisel, however we needed to open up a lot of corners and we were keen to see what a rock breaker could do.

We are pleased to say that the rock breaker is awesome and we have gotten rid of a number of protruding rocks and derailleur killers and have widened all of the corners, particularly the off-camber rock which should make the riding more accessible for all skill levels. Shailer spent about 20 hours over the weekend attacking rock and whilst he was as beaten as many of the rocks, its much faster than a bar and a sledgehammer. Thanks to Craig for coming out and getting stuck into the corners with the rest of the usual suspects, they are starting to really shape up. It was good to see Marty come out and lend a hand, he had a lot of fun on the rock breaker. Thanks again to HirePool Hornby for looking after us, you guys rock! (hur hur.)


Alistair has been coming out more regularly and has completed the benching on 4wd extension, and is now getting his teeth stuck into the Long Cut, which will be a meandering trail that takes you up to Eagles Nest, the short cut is to take the 4WD Track.

18 July 2009