The day breaks and it’s another cracker, a bit more of an Easterly than normal and as per the weather forecast it freshened! We had a new family pop out – Jason with Amy and Emma, as well as the usual suspects… Scolly has arranged for his project team to assemble to start planning on the Skills Area development, but as a warm-up Shailer makes everyone work on the first corner of C1, which is only rideable by those gifted with extra legs or lung capacity. An hour soon made short work of it. Thanks to the rock breaker softening and widening the radius, there is a better turning platform and we raised the entrance and lowered the exit. Great stuff, now for a bit of well timed rain and more sun and it will be rideable in no time.


After a short break, the lads got on their bikes to have a gander at the new track extension made by digger at the hands of Colin and Shailer on the Eagles Nest. Lisa rounded up everyone else and loaded the quad bike with trees for planting in the River Track. Shailer led the lads through the Chicken Run, 4WD extension, and then a short steep climb up the 4WD track to the start of Eagles Nest. Colin was explaining the good work he had done on the 4WD track, including the turning bay. We then progress up the Eagles Nest and it’s all good, another magpie is waiting for its doom in the trap, we said goodbye to two last night. We then let Percy off the leash and he careens down the 4WD track. We all follow and soon enough with brakes squealing and rotors burning we all arrive safely at the bottom. A small and tantalising diversion, on foot, (with great protest) to view the Secret Track. We spy Amy riding across the river to us. We then do a couple of hot laps of River Track and then sit down for a bit of planning for the Skills Area.


It’s all looking good and should be a great summer of riding, digger action and maintenance. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and we hope to see you on the trails soon.

20 September 2009