Oh well, it had to happen I guess. Winter is no longer coming, it’s here.

After a gloriously long autumn and a NIWA winter weather prediction of a cold dry winter, its been wet and raining for almost two weeks solid.

We’ve had snow, mist, low clouds, hail and rain every day – in fact just over 90mms of rain to date this month. I don’t mind the cold, but it’s the continual wet conditions that is making me miserable.

The good news is that the trees and the tracks are happy and of water tanks are filling up nicely, the bad news is that we can’t have any traffic on our roads or trails for a wee bit. Frustrating as I want to get stuck into extending our trail network and getting some night riding in, but it’s not to be at the moment.

One hopes that we will soon get into the dry cold winter that was forecast which will mean some fun times on Haven’s intermediate mountain bike trails nestled in scenic Banks Peninsula just round the corner from Christchurch.

For those that are interested I will be getting back into my infamous winter dirt roadies on Banks Peninsula gravelled back roads, which are great fun on a road bike or hardtail. Get in touch if you want to come along, I always enjoy the company.

As a result, all trails are CLOSED at Haven MTB Park. Keep an eye out on the twitter feed on the website or Facebook for whether we are open or closed.

Mr Haven.

A Rainy Few Weeks