We often get asked what’s a typical ride like at Haven MTB Park, Christchurch’s very own intermediate level boutique mountain bike park nestled on Banks Peninsula.

Well it’s a curious question as it’s entirely up to you, how you feel and what you want to do…

This is a fairly typical loop for me at present – there are a few more tracks that I didn’t do but this gives you an idea.

So as I can, I started from home and did:
Along Chicken Run -> Scollywood to the 4WD Track and back to the house as a nice warm up.
Up TearDrop, Down C1
Up TearDrop, along and down Zig&Zag, along ScollyWood to the 4WD Track back to Chicken Run
Up C1, down the Berm of Doom, continue up C1, down TearDrop
Down the Drive
Down Project G
Along the Road down to the Caravan to follow the sign posted Loop
Along Paddock Racer, Up Anti Disestablishment, onto FrankNFurter, River Track, Ssh Track (x2)
Then the other way (x2)
Up to the end of AYUNC and back down
Along Ssh Track, River Track, FrankNFurter, Fenceline to the end and back to connect to Anti Disestablishment, back to Caravan, up the road, check out Fred, up and around Project G
Grovel up the Drive.

Still plenty that I missed out, but this covers everything that is riding well as a loop, and a smattering of the new stuff that currently dead ends.

Each month there is more and more track added to as well.

Plus fun and adventure being developed in the Skills Area.

So you can see, you can do as much or as little as you want. Mr & Mrs Haven are happy to give you a tour or directions for the first few times until you get the network under the belt.

Hope to see you soon
Mr Haven

A Typical Ride