Autumn is here – lovely colours have entered the valley and some real rain, perhaps the first of the year, which was very welcome.

We’ve been busy as well – Gold Valley Challenge has been benched and all the bends have been cut, and Ali and the Road Gang are now charging up the trail making the finishing touches. It’s looking great and should be an immensely fun uphill/downhill. The track is on track for opening in October 2015.

Also after a two year hiatus, the team from T5 Contracting and the little yellow digger were back in action at Haven. We managed to finish up the last leg of the now named Zephyr track, which completes an entirely off road loop at Haven, ducking and diving beside the creek. It’s looking superb, we have two rock bridge river crossings and we still need to build two bridges for creek crossings. The track is closed until Spring to allow it to season.

With the onset of winter, we will be doing some tidying up on The Muur and AliTrack, as well as planting out more natives.

There are a number of other tracks on the cards as well, it great to be part of this experience.

The weather station is back up and running, but with Winter we will be managing entry onto the tracks, and closing a few of the newer tracks to allow them to bed in nicely.

But as always, there is plenty to do and ride year round, come out and help and ride.

Happy Trails
Mr Haven

April Update