With all the inclement weather of late, the water table is such that it wasn’t worth considering bringing the Digger out this weekend. Even though we had a fantastic Digger session the other week at Haven MTB Park, the best little mountain bike park in Banks Peninsula!

So we dusted off the plans for the raised boardwalk for the Skills Area and got stuck in. Lisa was out planting a bunch more trees on Anti Disestablishment, Allister was out doing his magic fettling the singletrack and rock breaking on the Upper Tracks. Colin and I started with a wander “trail inspecting” all the recent Digger built tracks, figuring out which ones were ready for track extension next, plus we had a good explore up the creek for the next section of the River Track. It was pretty magical, lots of native bush, rocks and the creek was in full flow, so it sounded heavenly. We should be able to build something quite amazing in here soon.

But anyway back to the Skills Area, you may remember we started to clear the area, map out the design, put a few piles in and create the BIG Berm and Wall Ride back in January.

We put the remaining piles for this stage in the holes I had prepared earlier, and Col set out putting the jigsaw together to build our bomb-proof and exciting Intermediate level raised boardwalk.

Col asked me to cut off the piles. I warned him that my carpentry skills were next to none and I can’t cut straight, he said it’s ok, its not important, but after about 30 secs he took the saw off me! I did warn him! Oh well, back to lugging large and long pieces of timber from the Parking Area to the Skills Area.

As the day went on, the board walk started to take shape. We started on the section that will be the most difficult, the teeter totter, we worked hard as we wanted to make sure the approach was perfect and people could see it early and take a bail out option if they weren’t ready.

The tread will be sufficiently narrow to be a good skill step, but definitely not expert and the height will also be a good skill step, sufficiently scary to make you nervous the first time! We have plans afoot for a more expert boardwalk in the future.

There will be a number of skill stations, including cambered corners, rolling terrain, a skinny, a rock garden and two secret surprises.

A good day was had. It was quite refreshing to do everything by hand – no power tools used this weekend. Good old blood, sweat and tears. I was the shanks pony and Col used his superb building knowledge and super sharp saw to knock it all up quickly.

Please do not use this until it is signposted and we post up here.
The structure may look finished but it is UNSAFE as it is incomplete.
We still have to finish concreting the piles and bolt the bearers on.

Spring is on its way, with blossoms coming out on the fruit trees on the various Orchards we have round the property and the grass is starting to grow again as well.

Today is a much different day – sunny spring on Saturday, cloudy fog and rain on Sunday.
An esoteric beauty, although I had ants in my pants wanting to go for a ride!

Come on out to our next Dig Day and we hope to be open again for some super spring riding soon.

Happy Trails
Mr Haven.

August Dig Day