A changeable month weather wise, as always, lots of rain, a bit of sun, slowly warmer and then a cold snap that brings a lot of snow, but that hasn’t slowed us down at all!

We have finished From Wood to Sky, we connected up and finished up the new digger built section of The Longest Cut, we have tidied up The Gold Valley Challenge and The Muur, as well as general clearing of storm debris of most of the tracks on the park.

We have also built the two bridges on The Zephyr, so everything is looking good for the summer opening of the five new tracks we have made and for the rest of the park looking great for another summer of cycling at Haven.

We are about to plant another couple of hundred natives and commence the spraying on tracks so that the pesky grass stays at bay.

We had close to 50 walkers from the over-50s tramping club help to bed down the new tracks, which has been great, and a few more visitors coming out in between the frequent wet breaks.

Come on out and lend a hand to get the park spick and span for summer and to do some more trail building.

Happy Trails
Mr Haven

August Update