You may have heard I publicly put my name up to host a challenging and testing hill ride round the Peninsula for the Longest Day Ride on Saturday 22 December. Long story short, I survived.
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Traditionally I go for a hoon on Christmas. Until I met Lisa it would be a longer ride as I don’t really celebrate Christmas, but with Lisa being the Christmas Fairy incarnate, I  now have other commitments. Yay, yes really…

Anyhow, I still manage to squeeze in a ride, this time it was a bit of an effort, as I was feeling the effects of the Longest Day Ride and indeed, the short and very easy recovery ride I had done the day before. So I dragged myself and Colin out for a spin, the draw card being the first ride on some of our new tracks.

So we warm up on Chicken Run and ScollyWood, hand-built singletrack that has been in place for over 4 years and is mostly downhill (kinda.) I was good and there were no real aches and pains, just fun and concentrating on the terrain. The canopy (now native) is growing over the track in a number of places, which is so cool. We head back to the house in reverse, hooting and hollering.

We ride up TearDrop mark 2, which is now an easier climb, it is seasoning extremely well and no issues going up. We then have the first run down. The corners are very different than before so I have to re-learn them, it was quite strange for me, having run down these probably a hundred times, however they all rode well and I can’t wait to session them so I have them dialled in. A few of the tops of the berms higher up are still a bit soft, but a bit more rain and sun will fix that. Col came down with smiles too, so it can’t be too bad!

We then hoon down to Project G and ride around the whole track, looking and feeling great, the tight corner is definitely way too tight, so we will have to hit this with grubbers and shovels old skool style next dig day. Other than that, it’s great, the climbing traverses which I was worried would be too steep are easy! Yippee.

Then off to Fred, and again the bit I thought was too steep was fine, the lines are a bit messy at the moment, with the edges being soft, but this should harden up pretty quickly. The new berms and corners are riding really well, the chute is a blast – but be warned there is a waratah on the track, that we haven’t gotten out yet. Two corners haven’t been worked on, but you can still negotiate around. It going to be another sweet track when it seasons and beds in. w00t!

We then hit the “road” and speed down to the Lower Tracks for a spin and suss out on the new stuff there. The old loop is riding so well and it’s a good roadmap to how the new tracks are going to season – in a few years you will hardly notice a digger had been through and the track surface is solid and smooth! The natives growing well. The Skills Area is looking sweet and Col has been doing some research on PinkBike and YouTube for our features. Can’t wait to get back and finish Stage One. This will be an lovely oasis in summer when temperatures soar, offering plenty of shade, chairs, many picnic spots, table and BBQ.

We had a nosey at the new stuff, but it is still pretty soft to try and ride it, although I did ride the new downhill corner and berm that Lisa just made under the cavern (don’t tell Lisa!) It’s awesome!

Then we hit the road and back to the house – I felt great now, nothing like a spin to ease out the legs.

We hope you have a great holiday season and we like to invite you to come and ride out at Haven if you are in the neighbourhood.

Happy Riding from Mr & Mrs Haven

Christmas Day Spin