We were all geared up for the last Dig Day of the year and another great year for us, the tracks and trees at Haven MTB Park – Christchurch’s very own boutique mountain bike park, nestled in Banks Peninsula.

The BBQ was fired up and the Digger was booked but then the forecast showers on Friday turning to a fine weekend turned into a 40mm rain-fest on Friday – so no digger, which was a shame, but that’s life. The rain put a dampener on attendance too, but that’s ok.

But at least the rest of the forecast was accurate with fine weather on Saturday. Alister came bright and early  and got stuck into his sekret singletrack – this time from the top. Alister has a great eye and we went for an investigation at close of play and it’s looking very exciting.

Without the digger but with some more new helpers, we got stuck into Fred, working on the corners, berms and general tidying up after the mud-fest on the last digger action. It’s looking great and we only have two corners and a bit more tidying up to go.

TearDrop is about a week away from being able to be ridden downhill, I can’t wait to try out the new berms, Project G is seasoning extremely well and should be ready for riding in a couple of weeks.

With all this rain and sun, sun and rain, things are growing rampantly – the good, the bad and the grassy. So the rest of the day, we spent on pruning back the trail corridor, spraying the tracks, mowing the roads and scrub cutting the top slope.

All the upper tracks and lower tracks have been tickled up, only Eagles Nest and Miners Track are left to cut and spray. We shall be heading up that way to berm up the corners and extend the trail network at the top as well.

Next weekend, we should be getting the Digger out and extending the River Track and other bits of tidying up.

No photos this week as it’s much better to come along and experience it yourself! The riding is super, particularly in the early evening, the light, the bird-life and squeals of fun and clicking of bikes is magic.

Come out for a ride soon.

Happy Trails
Mr Haven

December Dig Day