We had an old fashioned Dig Day today – everything was done by hand!

Actually I lie, as I tried out our neighbour’s new slope special ride-on mower on our trails and it was good fun, with quick and easy work.

Lisa, Luke and I worked on finishing up Ssh Track, taking out the large rock that I wasn’t able to move by myself, tidied up a few of the chicanes and opened up the trail corridor. It’s looking great now and after a bit of rain and sun will be great riding in the future. Working using your own steam makes you appreciate how great it is to have the digger do all the hard yards!

While I occupied myself with the mower, Lisa and Luke went along the River Track trimming back any encroaching foliage.

Mark turns up bang on time, and we have a BBQ feast in the Skills Area, followed by a hoon round Haven. Whilst it was hot, all the trails are riding rather well and it was a pleasure to show off all the tracks.

Phoebe in her natural habitat
Trail Work on Haven
Heading up Tear Drop

Almost at the top!
Playing on FrankNFurter

Look, something important!

We hope you are enjoying your summer of riding.
May your wheels run forever true.
See you next time.
Mr Haven.

Dig Day