So I decided to have another go on the Digger.

My last escapade didn’t go according to plan and after a “moment,” I lost my nerve. The grand plan was to tidy up and widen some corners on the awesome benching that Col had done, but in the end I didn’t do too much at all, and the other area I wanted to get to, I lost my nerve there as well. I did kill a lot of gorse and broom along the creek, so I felt good about that.

Well this session was a completely different situation. I ended up building close to 500m of track and felt awesome the whole time. Admittedly the terrain was a lot more benign and drier than the previous session, but I attempted a whole lot of stuff that would normally scare me silly.

Anti Disestablishment

So as the title suggest, I managed to build the whole track in the weekend! w00t!
I had this vague idea of putting a link track across the creek from the River Track and had left a gap in some plantings, just in case.

In the Forest, spooky
An “S” Pine

I have called this track Anti Disestablishment, as it breaks the rules, bucks the trends and is a nod to the current situation.

Starting in a paddock amongst baby pines, it wiggles and waggles and then climbs up to a three track terrace in an incredibly short space right by the creek, affording super views. You then cross a side branch of the creek and then climb and zig & zag in an established pine block, a bit of puff and excitement in amongst it all. You are rewarded with some more traversing wiggles and then the quick downhill and chicane back onto the “road” to the Skills Area.

Wiggles in the Baby Pines
Take that gorse!

Now that I write it, it doesn’t seem that hard or big, but just try doing it by hand!

All that is required now is to rake and sweep the huge mounds of dirt into berms under the instruction of the Berm Queen and then a bit of water and a bit of sun and a bit of time and this is going to be one sweet track!

A chicane section I prepared earlier
Joining the Dots… Track = Complete

We have a Dig Day next weekend and there will be more digger action on offer.

May your wheels stay forever true
Mr Haven.

Digger = New Track in a Weekend