Here’s another update.

It’s been super to see some many new people out trying the tracks, it’s cool to hear the laughter of people having fun and the odd ruh-roh sound as someone is giving it a go and has pushed their limits!

Please keep spreading the word, we love to see all those new tyre tracks on our trails.

We are progressing strongly on the Gold Valley Challenge – with only corner left to build out of 21 (from memory), then a couple of long traverses and then we have the long job of finalising and tidying up. We will be putting a big call out in March to give a hand pushing through these last traverses – many hands make light work!

Whilst we love summer, we are certainly looking forward to the change of seasons that will allow us to get the machines that make sparks out to tidy up, We have a tree down blocking AYUNC and Miners Track has a bit of long grass at the moment. We are planning to get to these in the next couple of weeks.

Over winter we hope to get a rock breaker into The Muur and deal to those pesky rocky corners, we will also be widening a number of corners on AliTrack – but we will still leave it as a suitable challenge.

We are also expecting the little yellow digger and the crew from T5 Contracting in March and there are cunning plans afoot to get some existing tracks finished and connected to the wider network. w00t – it’s all coming together nicely!

We will leave you with some great photos on the Gold Valley Challenge and of our sturdy and stalwart trail  builder Ali that were taken last Saturday.

Until next time, may you wheels remains forever true
Mr Haven

February Update