Welcome to 2011, take that Arthur C. Clarke.
We wish you all the best and that all your dreams become reality for the coming year.

After a hard mornings scrub-cutting clear the last of the overgrown tracks due to the slip earlier in the year, I decided to help ease the stiffening of my aching joints by going for a hoon. It was an inclement day, but the rain was holding off with only a bit of drizzle during the morning.

The Rush was dirty from the Wharfedale, so I broke out Silver, my faithful hardtail. She has been seeing a lot of action round the valley lately. It is superb having the luxury of choosing which horse for which course.

I decided to see how much trail I could do in a loop on just Haven tracks, without any of the extras. To my immense pleasure by the time I got home, I had completed 9.22 kms. w00t!!!

I only repeated a couple of tracks, Chicken Run as it’s a connector to the other networks, TearDrop to get back up quickly and it’s cornery goodness, and River Track, cos it’s just too damn fun to just do once! I also didn’t ride a couple of trails, which I guess I should have to go and fix that right now, and see if we can hit the magic 10km mark!

 Thanks to all the trail builders who have helped us to get here, and here’s to 2011 where we hope to build another 2-4 kms, and an exciting development!

Just as I was recovering from the sprint finish at Haven, it started to rain, such a perfect end to a superb ride.

The next Dig Day is Saturday, 8th January 2011 from  9.00am. Contact us for details.

Come out for a visit, you can race it, shred it, roam it or just cruise round Haven.

Mr Haven.

Happy New Year and a very welcome discovery!