21 July

25 August

8 September

All start at 10am

Spring has sprung and the park is growing rampantly already. We ask for a bit of patience as we tackle the growth. We would love a hand as it’s the next couple of months that take the most work to hold back nature – many hands make light work they say.
What we really need is people to help with:
1. Rake the leaf litter and small debris
2. Open the trial corridor (prune or remove dead or overhanging branches.
3. Move rocks, branches, the odd carcass off the track
4. Trail repair as required.
5. Trail expansion as required.
6. Spraying as required.
7. Mowing as required.

A great help would be to come out for a couple of hour ride then do some of the above for a hour, that would be super.
Looking forward to seeing you over summer.

If you are not a club member, please either message us or email us on havenmtb@gmail.com on where to go.

Haven Club/Dig Days