Well July wasn’t much better than June, except there was slightly less rain.

We walked round all our trails, which tends to wear you out now as there are more km’s each time – a great feeling! Only one track had some damage and the 4WD track has some debris on this, but the digger will make short work of it.

So other than an explore, being surprised at how rideable the tracks are after all the rain, we planted the rest of our native trees.

Haven also hosted a Holiday Programme from the Selwyn District Council. It was cold muddy and overcast, but the kids (big and small) all had a great time riding, playing and generally getting as muddy as you could in a short space of time.

We look forward to hosting them again. Schools, community groups and other not-for-profit ventures are welcome to use Haven MTB Park for no charge. Contact us if you would like to know more.

These photos are from the River Track.

Next month, we are hoping some more settled weather to get back into the next stage of the River Track

July 2010