Postponed for a week so Mr Haven could go play silly buggers on his road bike and gravel roads, it was a non-typical (but typical for this season) winters day – sunny, mild and fine.

The mission for today was cutting back the Trail Corridor, weeding and putting the finishing touches on the rest of the berms on the River Track that were ‘tarted’ up by the digger’s bucket.

We soon got stuck in and people were coming out of the woodwork to give us a hand which was great.

The Old Man’s Beard that we attacked earlier in the year was showing no signs of coming back to date and that was very encouraging, so thanks again to everyone who came and helped.

Lisa, the Queen of Berms and her new apprentice berm maker Luke did a fantastic job at finishing the remaining berms on the River Track. Lisa has a great eye for detail and all the berms are smooth and looking super duper. Now all they need to do is bake and season and they will be riding superbly by Summer.

We had recently sprayed the trails and it has paid off big time, little or no maintenance, a heap easier on backs and a lot more riding time. Thanks for the tip Wally!

We had a couple of new club members pop out too for their first visit and ride which was great.  Luke and Mr Haven went for a hoon later on too. By all accounts all is riding well and will continue to do so.

Everything looks great. See you about.

July Dig Day