The weather still isn’t playing ball – mostly wet and grotty without too many dry periods to recover. The Top tracks are all good being the oldest and up the top so they drain fast and well. The Bottom tracks are still a bit wet and greasy and the car park is pretty slippery so we’ve close the lower part of the park.

You are most welcome to visit the top tracks, we suggest you park at the letterboxes and bike in, to save on wear and tear on the road and give you more of a workout!

But hey, that’s winter, there are still plenty of awesome tracks and gravel roads out there to explore. Makes the summer of singletrack all the better for it. Of course, you could go the other extreme and get into the fun of cyclocross, check it out for some good old fashioned dirty fun

It was a family affair for our July Dig Day – Ali was off helping with my school cycling, but being Ali, he can’t go a week without working on his track, so he had been out there on Friday!

Our neighbour and club member Dave and his son Jack came out to give us a hand and we soon got stuck into opening up and shifting rock and soil on a couple of corners and then traversing a connecting section. Lisa continued to do some more technical work on the corners after us slaves did all the heavy lifting.

Lisa and Ali have a great eye for detail on corners and berms and way better than me, so I am better utilised for bashing out track. It was good fun. Dave it seems is a closet Stone Mason and went mad collecting and storing rocks. Lou popped out later on to reward us with Chocolate Cake – nom nom nom.

On the Sunday, we found out that we have a big ass pine tree down across three traverses on the River Track. Way too big for my little saw, so River Track is closed until we can get it buzzed up.

We will leave you with some more teaser photos from AliTrack…

We hope you are having a good winter, come out and see us soon/
Mr Haven

July Dig Day