Well we’ve been digging regularly all through July on The Muur.

Conditions for digging have being perfect and Ali and I have had the luck/experience/we’re just awesome to have chosen a line that has the most amazing soil to dig in and no insurmountable obstacles.

There was a bit of discussion about how to actually get to the finish, but in the end we soldiered on with the existing line and with only a moderate climbing and a fair bit of interest we’ve managed to pop out a line in Ali’s Alley on Chicken Run, I can’t think of any thing more fitting really. This should be fun, fast downhill as well.

In the last weekend of July, we have managed to cut a rideable bench along the entire track and we are now working on making it perfect, cutting back the trail corridor and then we will finish the corners.

Ali, as always, has worked tirelessly and diligently to make another amazing and intermediate track.

This track will be ready for Summer, and will mean, no more slogging up the drive! Well, unless you really want to!

I was going to take some photos but like a typical New Zealand day, what was sunny and fine yesterday is grey, wet and cold today.

The rest of the park is weathering winter well. The recent unseasonably warm weather and Nor Westerlies has meant the tracks and roads are all nicely dried out.

Winter Riding Rocks – Go Do It!
Mr Haven

July Update