Well time has gotten away from us again.

It’s been a rainy old month. After a magical time with the Digger in June, it’s been too wet to have the Digger back until last weekend. But on a brighter note, we have planted close to 300 natives, which is a great feeling. Paddock Racer is now full to the brim with trees. In 5 years time people will be scratching their head at the name of the track. Many thanks to Lisa’s workmates who have come out and planted a heap of trees on Anti-Disestablishment as well.

The newly built tracks have attracted a lot of attention, but they are a fair time away from being finished with the recent wet weather. We have continued to have a few new visitors during the odd period of fine weather, and whilst a bit slippery, good times were had.

Last weekend, it was back with the Digger with the experienced hands of Col at the controls. We couldn’t go on any of the new tracks, so we got to start the River Track (the Other End.) I had previously bush-bashed through the area and I was quietly excited. Col made short work of the start, but we were slowed by a rock ridge, an hour or so on the Digger and we were able to sneak by and it was back into nice big swoops and digs, flowy track and huge corners. This combined with a couple of creek crossing and great soil, lots of ups and downs, and traversing along the creek. We were pretty excited, I had never set foot on this part of the land and it was great to see a lot of natives growing up (kowhai, cabbage trees and flaxes abound). I had a long day being rock and rake boy, but the trails will be pretty close to riding quality once the tracks dry.

We ended at another rock ridge, this time the dreaded blue rock, which we can’t just chip away at. It may be a bit tight to squeeze past, but failing that we can put a nice corner in and hopefully traverse over it.

Next month we are looking at a berm master class with the Berm Queen, so if you are curious to see how we make out gorgeous big berms, now’s the time. We will also be back into Digger action and with the closing of Winter, hopefully a lot more riding. We may also be having a bit of fun blowing up rocks too.

May your wheels remain forever true
Mr Haven

July Update