Well Autumn just seemed to keep on giving,  a bit more rain and a bit more cold, but a surprisingly amount of warm sunny days! And just to rub it in, when Christchurch shivers under a frost we are at least 5C warmer, but we do get snowed in most years (but that’s fun to ride/run in as well.)

We’ve been busy preparing the park for winter, many of the trails have been sprayed and the trail corridor is cut back, we will get to the rest over the next month or two.

After I broke a rib, Ali and Iain have done a sterling job finishing the Gold Valley Challenge and have now also completed the remedial work on the Muur. Next up will be the remedial work on AliTrack aka the Climb aka Passo Del Stelvio. After this we will bash through the two traverses that branch off AliTrack

The signs are getting a new paint job and plenty of plans are afoot for new tracks and finishing the other half finished digger built tracks.

Here are a couple of quick and dirty videos of the new tracks:

The Gold Valley Challenge

The Zephyr

Trees for Canterbury have continued to support our regeneration plan with another couple of hundred trees to put into a few locations to supplement existing plantings and to start the long, steady battle of shading out the broom. Thanks guys, if you ever need some native plants, they have quality stock at great prices.

Many of the tracks will be fine over winter and as long as it’s not pouring down the park will be OPEN – stay tuned to Facebook, Twitter or the website for updates.

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