A good session. The DOC nursery at Motukarara had a huge sale on Ake Ake and Kanuka, so we got 300 or so and these were promptly planted. Many of which in the newly formed Tear Drop.

I also had a helping hand from Andrew, a neighbour, to finish off Ssh Track. All it needs is a giant rock moved, but you can easily bike past.

More mowing and releasing and Lisa was doing a great job at spraying as well.

It is immense fun to ride around our trails and local surrounds. It gives my an immense chest-swelling sense of pride when I look down at all our hard work after sweating my way up Horrible Hill. Check out the views from the top!

I hope everyone is making the most of the glorious weather. I have well and truly made the transition from Winter Roadie through Dirt Roadie back to Mountain-Biker.

November 2010