Another grand day out, the weather was perfect for trail building.

Unfortunately there weren’t any diggers available for us to hire. It would seem that the rebuild is actually happening with most diggers out on long term loan, oh well, it’s not like there isn’t plenty to do.

Lisa headed up to continue the awesome work on the new corners on TearDrop and Alister continued work on his exciting new piece of secret singletrack. Alister is going great guns on trail blazing and the line he has chosen is looking very exciting!

I did lots of spring cleaning, raking all the Lower Loop tracks, opening the trail corridor and spraying them as  well. I tidied up and raked and cleared the trail corridor on Project G as well.

Project G is coming along very nicely, a compact track using up a great deal of the terrain it has to play with. Here are a few teaser photos, see if you can correctly guess how many traverses there are.

Project G from below
Project G from the Middle

Jon brought out a bevvy of new people for a hoon and they enjoyed the tracks and picnic area.

Today Jon came out for seconds and learned the intricacies of berm building under the tutelage of the Berm Queen. With the three of us, we managed to make short work of the last 3 corners. Whilst Jon went for a hoon on the Upper Tracks, I went and mowed the trails and did a bit more spraying.

Corner 5 is Alive!

TearDrop is looking fantastic and after the forecast rain should be fine for climbing, but we ask that people stay off the berms until we open it completely to allow for them to season and be worthy of all the hard work that has gone into them.

Corner 4 l’amour
Corner 3 is ready

One of our local Wood Pigeons joined us on TearDrop watching us work with some curiosity from his broom tree.

We had some new club members come and try the place out on Sunday as well, so it’s been a busy ole weekend. We look forward to sharing our trails with you over the Summer.

Spread the word.
Mr Haven

November Dig Day