We got a desparate email out of the blue from Matt, an outdoor education teacher who needed a location for his students after his initial location turned to snowy laden custard.

The only worry in my mind was that the Lower Trails were a bit soft after all the digger work, but after a few emails sorting out the details, it was all on!

The Crew minus Matt (photographer)

 Matt and his crew turned up on time (always a good sign) and after introductions we were soon hitting the road down to the Lower Trails. It was pretty nippily but we soon had everyone warm, muddy and grinning.

Riding Along Ssh Track

Exiting Tear Drop

This was the first time I had been on my mtb since the Feb quake, what with the quake work and the amount of road cycling I had been doing to prepare for Belgium. It was a welcome relief to be back on the number one girl and the sport that is second nature to me and showing off trails we had built.

After a bunch of laps and showing off the new bits that were definitely not up to riding, some nosh we climbed back to the van and then the mighty climb up our drive and onto Tear Drop and the Upper Trails.

Admiring the view and looking staunch on Tear Drop

Matt tasked all the students to do at least two laps up Tear Drop and down another track, most people choosing to go all along Zig & Zag, out to Scollywood and back along Chicken Run.

Fun on Scollywood

After lunch, we then headed up and out to the mini Packhorse loop. Much groaning was had on the climb but this was soon forgotten in the swoopy forest singletrack and fast downhill at the end.

I’m sure they’ll be back for more.

We are always happy to host community groups and schools to use the Park, contact us if you want to come out and play.

School Visit