We have four schools and two community groups come and out and visit Haven MTB Park which we love. Schools and community groups can use Haven MTB for free!
We offer intermediate level mountain bike tracks and space to teach and relax for all abilities.

Here is a wee story from a school visit we had in between two major weather patterns in March. Not the best time to visit, but fun was still had!

For this year’s Y10 Sports development camp we opted to park at the entrance to mtb haven and cycle in up the steep access road. I  was at first concerned that the boys would struggle with this challenge, but in fact it turned out to be good warm-up where they could get a feel for their bikes before tackling the technical terrain. Many jerseys were shed at the top of the access road, with few comprehending that riding would be much colder on the downhill!
Due to time constraints, our primary track of use was “Anti Disestablishment�. This is excellent introduction to the pleasures of mountain biking and the boys enjoyed the ride immensely. It gives an opportunity to practice corners effectively, taking advantage of banked turns. It also offers a forgiving introduction into gear-selection, where adjusting gears is beneficial, but not absolutely essential for the relatively gentle climbs.
Many boys were apprehensive about stream crossings, but quickly discovered that if you keep on peddling you should get over without getting too wet. One teacher (SMD) managed to take a wrong turn on the final stream crossing and continued riding down-stream instead of up the opposite bank, but otherwise all got through the course without any mishaps.
The skills area is a fun meeting/waiting spot and a few boys tried the “Board Walk�, though it was a little slippery in the damp conditions.
All-in-all a great complex for introductory mountain-biking. One boy who does a lot of road cycling and had never been off-road was completely converted and on the trip home was musing on how he would break to news to Mr Searle, his road-cycling trainer.

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