Whoops, time has gotten away from us again, so here’s a quick update on what’s being happening at Haven MTB Park, Christchurch’s own boutique intermediate level mountain bike park nestled on Banks Peninsula. Right that should keep Google happy, on with the gos.

So as you will no doubt now, spring has sprung and so we have sprung into action to get on top of spring growth, our worst enemy. So it’s been spray spray spray of the tracks and maintaining the verdant native growth into the trail corridor as well as mowing all the “roads.” The great news is that it’s working and you can certainly tell where we are up to with the spraying.

We have managed to survive all that nature has thrown at us to date (touch wood,) with next to no track damage over the wild weather. We did have a couple of pines let go, but they are now buzzed up and are currently getting lighter so we can store them so that they keep us warm over future winters.

Spring means that our biggest hazard Onga Onga (New Zealand Stinging Nettle) is going for it as well, we ask that you be careful on the trail edges and extremely careful if you decide to go for an explore off track. We will be spraying this as well.

Mrs Haven has been leading a number of  tree planting sessions to make sure our natives stay in front of the grass, broom and other nasties. It’s all looking great.

Spring also means Digger fun, and we hope to finish a couple of existing tracks shortly and try out some new toys that could mean some exciting times as well.

We’ve also been hammering away each week on Alister’s track. I must say it’s looking awesome. Of the 35 corners, we only have about 4 that haven’t been started and most are over 75% completed. It’s a magical trail in a very special gully. Feel free to come out and walk it, we won’t say no if you come on out to give a hand either! The digging has being surprisingly easy for a hand built track.

The Skills and Picnic Area is looking sweet and ready for you to laze about, eat some food or pit your skills against your friends.

In the not too distant future, we expect to hit the big 20, yep that’s right, 20 kilometres of riding at Haven. I’m personally gobsmacked, I would have never envisaged we would have so much fun riding in the 6 and a 1/2 years we have been building. Thanks to everyone who has helped to make his happen.

We are looking forward to another long summer and seeing you out here again soon.
Mr Haven

September Update