So heaps happening at Haven with spring and summer days starting to show their heads – this of course means that the grass and verdant natives are start to encroach on the trail corridor.

We built five new tracks over this year and they are all OPEN for business now – please be careful on them, as the edges will pack down over the next couple of seasons and the corners as well. As they bed in we will widen some of the tighter corners. It’s a ongoing process, so take it easy to start and have a blast.

We have an extended starter loop which is now 3 km’s long and is super fun in either direction. This is now marked by lots of arrows!

There are two rock fords on the Zephyr which can be ridden by confident riders, we will be bridging these and one more to allow for a dry feet loop all year round!

The Muur has two rocky corners that can be ridden by confident riders, but will require a rock breaker to deal to them, we have had a couple of goes by hand but it’s all a bit much for us. We hope to have this completed by the end of October.

Ali and I have been working hard on tweaking and giving some love to the trails. Our neighbour Lou has also kindly planted 200 natives and I have planted 100 Manuka and 12 Gums for a woodlot.

I have sprayed most of the tracks that need it – a whopping 16 knapsacks of spray with only Eagles Nest and Miners Track that are overdue for spraying – getting to it! There are now two new tracks to get up there, both a lot easier and fun than the existing 4WD Track (the Short Cut,) you can access the Long Cut from the end of Scollywood and From Trees to Sky at the junction of Scollywood and Gold Valley Challenge

We are also dealing with the pesky broom and pine overhanging onto the tracks, as well as our baby natives, which is a kind of nice, kind of sad to be pruning them back! Our natives are starting to have babies too, which is super awesome!

Chicken Run is populated again, so say hi as you blast past, they are pretty sociable beasties.

There is a lot more signage about the park, thanks to Ali and I hope to have a new and improved map out in the not too distant future as well.

So what we want, what we really really want, is for some more wheel marks bedding in the tracks and having fun with the trolls under the bridges. Come on out and have some fun at Haven.

Contact us to join and/or ride.

Happy Trails
Mr Haven

September Update