It’s been a bit quiet here of late, we’ve been very busy round the Park making it ready for a summer of riding, plus with the great weather, we’ve been riding quite a bit too! Mix in a bit of festive celebrating and time gets by on you, so here’s a update on what’s been going on since November.

All the established tracks have had the trail corridor cleared, the grass controlled and generally tickled up.
All the new tracks can be ridden, parts of Miners track and AYUNC track are soft in a few places so exercise caution.
The last berms on Frank’N’Furter and Anti Disestablishment have been sculptured and it shouldn’t be too long before they can be ridden hard.
Signage will be going up soon for a fun loop of some of the Lower Tracks.
All tracks have been signposted and a map has been produced for club members.

Scolly boys ready to zoom zoom
Nathan railing this berm

Skills Area
This has been on the cards for some time, and it was a great moment when we cleared the proposed path.
We have materials to make about 20m of the close to 90m of boardwalk planned.
The giant Berm that will also be a giant natural Wall-Ride has been cut and is seasoning nicely. In fact it is child’s play to ride!
Holes have been dug and the first piles for the board-walk have been completed.
There are a number of great picnic spots here and a BBQ and table are available on site.

Pest Control
With the wet spring, everything is growing, the natives, the weeds, and it would seem the pests are growing too. There are numerous Possum bait stations around the tracks in Yellow containers and sometimes in margarine style containers, please don’t eat them. We have also had the annual migration of mapgies and we have trapped them already – ha ha! Native bird life is very noticeable and we regularly see wood pigeons swooping around the whole valley, especially round the house and the Skills Area.

So come out for a ride, contact us to make a time.
Happy Trails
Mr Haven.

Set for Summer