Well back in August, here I was promising myself to make sure I update this more regularly. I even wrote a couple of Journal pages in preparation.

But then September 4th came about and life for all of us in Christchurch changed forever more. Many people have had significant upheaval whether it was damage to their home or work or livelihood. Lisa and I were blessed not be be significantly affected, although all of my work is earthquake focussed now.

McQueens Valley Seismic Drum

The earthquake has resulted in a lot more internet traffic, particulary with the now infamous earthquake drum in McQueens Valley. As an aside, we had contact from some Aussie Riders who enquired if it was safe after Christchurch was flattened by the earthquake. Yay for the media showing the same block in all their “news.” We had a great time showing the boys round and we even put an aftershock or two on.

I trust you and yours are well as we move passed this event. Kia Kaha to us all.

I will add up the missing Journal pages, as we have still being busy round the property and the Trails are growing steadily.

Mr Haven.

Shaken Not Stirred