Frustratingly we were closed for ages over the last couple of months as it just kept raining and raining, not really a heap of rain at any one time, but enough for the ground not to recover and we love our tracks and don’t want them to get damaged.

But then in the middle of August, the heavens, well they kind of opened and we had one of our 100mm days.
I was a bit nervous as we had a bunch of new track that may not like all this water at once.

Mrs Haven, our intrepid photographer, went for a look-see and found a heap of water about, but no real damage – yay.

Here are a few shots to give you an idea of how much water was rolling about.

The creek just up a bit….

The great news is that it’s all gone, the trails surface is in awesome riding condition. The grass is going mad with all this moisture and sun, so come on out and help kill it all with your wheels!

Spread the word, come and ride our tracks
Mr Haven

So It Rained a Bit Last Month