Hi Team

Lot of news.

1. The Carpark is closed at the moment, we need to do some gravelling and shaping on the road and it needs to dry out more before we start, the more vehicles that use it prolongs the start date, so we would appreciate it if you park at the letterboxes and hit up “Hart Attack Hill” or park at the turning bay at the bottom of our drive.

2. We have access to the wider forestry roads – yay – they offer superb views, there are many kilometres of quiet roads that are fun to ride. To note there is active logging at the moment, so pay attention to the updated track information on the maps. Please do not abuse our access and be courteous to other forest users, this is private property. Current Financial members will have a link to the maps.

3. New tracks – there will be a bunch of new tracks appearing soon-ish – a couple of easy tracks and a bunch of intermediate/expert tracks. How soon will depend on how much help we get. Please get in touch if you want to help lightly bench or attack the jungle to help make this happen. Current Financial members will see where these new tracks will be going through the maps.

4. We need you to help!
(a) The biggest help is to come and ride – yep really, spring is a period of rampant growth and we struggle to stay on top of it, but the more wheels on the tracks = less grass.
(b) We have started spraying but Mr Haven is coming off a long term injury so won’t be doing his usual smash himself for three weeks spraying everything – so if you can offer some time to spray and then ride, it would be greatly appreciated. Weekdays or Weekends – get in contact.
(c) Help rake out the trails or cutting back the trail corridor – super easy job and can be done before a ride – raking is a superb ab workout! Weekdays or Weekends – get in contact.
(d) Post winter = rocks on the tracks, help out by moving the rocks to the side of the track – don’t chuck them down the hill as we have many traverses, so you would just be moving the work. This is one you can do during your ride! Weekdays or Weekends – get in contact.
Remember that help with two dig days (spraying or trail building) and next year is free!

Cheers Ears
Shailer & Candice.

Spring 2021 Update