Well it’s being just over two years since our last 100mm of rain days and I am pleased to say that we again got off pretty lightly.

Two days later the river is finally safe enough to cross so I can have a bit of an explore. The river was pretty explosive turbulent and about 4x the usual high flow. Lisa captured our waterfall where there is usually a 2m drop but the river was so high there was hardly a drop at all.

This is another opportunity for us to thank all of our past and present trail builders and helpers at Haven and the weathering of this storm is another testament to the hard work, forethought and planning that has gone into the trails.

Here are some more photos Lisa took at the end of the rain day.

Bottom of 4WD Track

Looking across to new AYUNC Track

Valley Run-Off Waterfall in full steam

On Frank”N”Furter, part of track underwater

Trail update
All of the Upper Tracks are fine and can be ridden now.
Surprisingly was there was no damage to the super steep 4WD track, the recent work has paid off and the drains worked as well as staying hard pack.
All of the Lower Tracks, with their proximity to the River and at the bottom of the water run-off from our land are pretty sodden, but again I was surprised at how quickly it is draining.
SSh Track has gotten a bit narrower near the river, but is fine
River Track is fine, the high tide marks on the berms are pretty impressive 
Anti Disestablishment is fine, some cosmetic damage to the new berms and to some of the softer tracks. The track is draining really well.
AYUNC Track is also fine, a couple of newer bits have fallen away and new dirt has washed off down the hill, but this should be pretty easy to fix up. I was conscious about putting in a lot of drainage humps and by and large they have worked. The track is pretty sodden.
Frank”N”Furter is ok, a few minor slips and parts of the track closest to the river were submerged, but again these should be pretty simple to fix up with the digger. This track is pretty sodden so it may be closed for a wee while.

Spring Storm