Sorry I have had a lot on to update the page monthly but be assured that there has been a heap of work and fun going on at Haven!

We are having new visitors every week which is awesome, keep spreading the word, if you haven’t been for a while you will be taken aback with the growth – both in the amount of tracks and also how big the trees are!

We’ve had another big visit by a school for their end of year outdoor camp experience – it’s been great to be able to provide a venue that works for everyone and it’s super to see lots of ride lines on and off the track!
The Muur and AliTrack are both riding in nicely – come out and try them out. AliTrack is freshly signposted so you can’t miss out on the Climb. 
Lots of work has been put into the the trail corridor and fighting back spring growth to allow for a nice summer of riding without long grass, onga onga, thistles and other nasties.
We had a visit from some Rock Hounds from far and near and they may have found some items of interest! We’ve had a number pop round hunting for agates for a year or so now, they help us shape and move some of the harder rock formations so you can ride without knowing!

Ali is making huge progress on his new tracks – The Gold Valley Challenge – which is another track from top to bottom and it will be under canopy the whole way which is exciting. It will have less corners than AliTrack and progress is going great guns thanks to the extra hands, easier digging and our previous experiences!
We have plans to get the Digger out again soon to finish a few projects that we on the go as well. It’s going to be an amazing year for Haven in 2015!
The rest of the tracks are riding well, a few overgrown areas that will be dealt with shortly – help us out by coming out and riding! We have an amazing sheltered picnic area in the Skills Area.
You may have noted that the weather station isn’t working, just a technical glitch that thus far has not being resolved easily, we are trying another couple of things but failing that it’s a new weather station! Because the weather station isn’t broadcasting, the webcam is out as well, so you’ll have to trust us! Typically the weather is always better than Christchurch (except when it’s not!) and we are out of most winds!
Thanks for the support over the year, we’ve got the last official Dig Day of the year this coming Saturday, come out and lend a hand, relax or have fun on the bike!
Happy Trails
Mr Haven
Spring Update