Another busy weekend at Haven MTB Park – Christchurch’s very own boutique mountain bike park with purpose built intermediate trails nestled in regenerating native bush on Banks Peninsula.

A concerted effort at the end of a shovel and rake means that Project G is pretty much finished, we just need to build the culvert for the Chute of Doom with the Digger next time. There are two separate trails in the wee loop – a feeder from the Upper Tracks to the River Track and a fun traversing loop in-between. It’s looking great and after a test ride should be fun and fast. At the moment, it’s CLOSED to bikes while the corners and berms season.

One of the starting points for Project G
Excitement in the middle of Project G
Choices on Project G

The new work on TearDrop is progressing really well and the “foot test” on the berms shows that they are pretty close to being ready. The forecast rain later this week and a bit more sun should mean they will be open pretty sharply. The track rides well uphill and is OPEN to uphill traffic only, but we ask that you stay off the berms please.

We’ve been busy spraying the tracks and clearing the trail corridor so that the tracks are in perfect condition. All the Lower Tracks are done, a few of the Upper Tracks still need to be done, but they can still be ridden. Recent native plantings are loving the weather patterns of late, even if it means we have to mow weekly, which is less cool! All of our fruit trees in the various orchards scattered around the Park are laden with fruit as well! The native birds seem pretty happy as well, with wood pigeons living in one of our Tree Lucerne and a Broom Tree just metres from our house – magical!

Alister one of our stalwart trail builders and supporters is working hard on his sekret hand built singletrack. The line he is cutting is looking exciting. We can’t wait to see and then ride this exciting new trail!

With the longer evenings, it’s a perfect time to pop out after work and soak up the great riding and surroundings, you should take advantage and come on out for a visit and ride. Mr Haven is more than happy to show new people around.

The rock fall danger on AYUNC has now abated, with everything settling down. This track is now OPEN and we will be taking the Digger along to extend this track very soon.

The Long Cut is also looking and riding great, still a wee bit soft, but considering it’s only two weeks old, it’s super news. This track is OPEN.

More shovel and rake work on Fred and the lower track is looking good. Still need some rake and shovel work on the upper track and some Berm Queen action on the corners before we have a riding line. We aren’t sure if we will need to bring the Digger in again to tidy up, but we will make an assessment after we have a riding line and then things generally become pretty clear as to what is needed. At the moment, this track is CLOSED.

Joining the Top and Low tracks on Fred with some fun corners!

Looking for Fred!

So as you can read and see, there is heaps going on at our wee patch as well as a pile of fun tracks to ride right now. We also have a tonne more trails planned and lots of trees to plant and protect to turn this into a magnificent place to be.

Of course none of this would be here without the help and support of our awesome club members, friends, family and supporters. Thank you all very much.

Contact us to come and try us out, help spread the word, we are open and keen to show off what we have been working at just for you!

May your wheels remain forever true.
Mr Haven

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