What’s in it for me?

Proprietary access to the Haven MTB Park tracks, your own private playground.
Being part of the team who creates the best boutique MTB park in NZ
Other discounts as we get them


To become a member, the process is two-fold

    1. Please choose your Annual Subscription as below – (click on the green link that you want)
    2. Fill in the Membership Form.

Membership will be pending until both are completed and received.

Annual Subscription

(click on the green link that you want)
Individual Membership: $15
Family  Membership (at one address): $20
Friends of Haven (suggested donation): $5-$100 {For those who don’t wish to use the trails, but do wish to stay in touch, plant trees etc.}

Help out at 2 Dig Days and next year’s membership is FREE.

The membership year is 1 April to 31 March

Once you have paid – fill in the Membership Form

Please enter a name and mobile number of an emergency contact please.
The Objects of the Society: To facilitate and encourage mountain bike riding in the Haven Mountain Bike Park (the Park); To develop, maintain and advocate for mountain bike tracks for riders of all levels of ability; To foster, promote, permit, encourage and organise participation in recreational and competitive mountain bike events; To assist in the restoration and preservation of native trees and other vegetation of particular botanical or historical interest and to encourage and assist in the protection of the environment; To participate in the management, enhancement and monitoring of the Park, in association with the landowner and other interested groups; To co-ordinate volunteer activities in developing and maintaining the facilities of the Park; To broaden knowledge and understanding about, and encourage participation in the use and enhancement of the Park through publications, publicity, events, projects and other appropriate means; To co-operate with other bodies or organisations having objects in whole or in part similar to these objects; and To liaise with the relevant statutory authorities on all policies affecting the Park.
Every member must wear an approved cycling helmet that is correctly fitted while riding plus enclosed footwear. Club members may bring one non-member to the Park per visit, who must sign in the visitor book and agree to abide by the Rules and Objects of the Society. Bicycles must be in good working order. Riders must not be disrespectful to other club members, property owners, and the public or ignore club rules. Smoking & Dogs are not permitted in the Haven MTB Park, or at events AT ALL TIMES. Please close all gates that you open. Leave gates as you found them. You must adhere to all warning/hazard signage/tape within Haven MTB Park boundaries at all times for your own safety. The membership year is from 1 April – 31 March. Directional tracks and hours of operation must be adhered to. You must follow the IMBA Rules of the Trail and the MtbNZ Mountain Bikers’ Code. Stay on designated trails only. No digging, changing or adding tracks without prior consent of the Club in conjunction with the landowner. Note: - Members will be informed of any rule changes via the Club or at the Haven MTB Park Kiosk.


A great big thanks to all of our supporters…