All tracks are built to an intermediate level. All tracks are two way, except the Climb. You may prefer a certain direction, feel free to play!

This page gives a bit of an explanation about the tracks at Haven and the current progress of each.

We now have 27.5 kilometres of track to play on to date.

Concept stage
Basic track profile cut, not necessarily in riding condition
Benching and berms done, few technical bits to iron out, can ride it now or close enough to it.
Track Completed

1. Chicken Run, incorporating ‘Ali’s Alley’ – a traverse track starting at the house past the chook house, it arrives in the ‘V’ of the valley between ScollyWood and Zig & Zag. This is a hand built track.

2. C1 – an uphill track starting midway along Chicken Run, it goes to the top of the ridge. It has a surprise half way up.

3. Zig & Zag – this track starts from the top of Tear Drop and C1, it starts out as a traverse and climb along the ridge and then you zig and zag your way to the saddle and Chicken Run and ScollyWood.

4. ScollyWood – another traverse track, finishing in an established Mahoe Wood-lot. Connects Chicken Run to the 4WD track, joins up with the Gold Valley Challenge, From Wood to Sky and the Long Cut.

5. 4WD Track – this old formed yet incredibly steep ‘road’ connects the tracks up high to those down by the river. This is also the “short cut” from the end of Scollywood up to the Junction of the Long Cut, From Wood to Sky and Eagles Nest.

6. Eagle’s Nest – runs off the top of the 4WD track, a nice little there and back track built by the digger with great corners ups and downs and superb vistas of the Southern Alps and Lake Ellesmere. Eventually this will connect to the other side of the property, we aren’t sure whether it will be hand built or digger built.

7. Miner’s Track – another old ‘road’ from when it was thought that there was gold in them thar’ hills…
The largely downhill track has an incredible view and interesting topography, from a large rocky bench and a cliff face, to the bowl of the valley in amongst regenerating bush. In theory the mine is still there and we have discovered a sign with an arrow, to be updated… This will be a crossroads for the future climbing track, downhill track and Eagles Nest. This is a digger built track.

8. River Track – this runs alongside the stream at the bottom of the land, full of twists and turns it is a great track for the beginner, intermediate or experienced rider. This was our first digger built track and it’s a blast. The Track finishes in the Skills Area.

9. River Track Extension – this was originally planned when we first built the river track but we got bogged down by a rocky outcrop and then clay that was too hard to dig in summer, so we kept going elsewhere. We have now come back and have built a nice climb, a wide corner and a traverse that leads into a downhill chicane and berm to help build up some fun speed. It will be a bit more of a challenge to ride the “other” way, but you are still rewarded by the accomplishment of reaching the summit with more berms and slopes to hit on the descent. This is a digger built track and 100m of track have been built in total.

10. Tear Drop – a lovely descent from the ridge of C1 above the chook prison, down to the house. Enormous and consistently bermed corners for 11, yes 11 doses of fun. A lot of work has gone into making this a good climb up as well. This is a digger built track and is 233m long.

11. Ssh Track – developed by Si and Shailer this hand-built track traverses dips and climbs beside the creek under the oldest stand of Kanuka on the property. A good connector between the 4WD Track and the River Track for those who don’t like to get their feet wet. It is short and sweet.

12. Frank’N’Furter – this track is part of the ambitious project is to build an number of exciting, fun and intermediate tracks along the entire length of Haven following the creek and using as much of the land as possible as it’s abut the Journey not getting there. Frank’N’Furter is a great example of what we hope to achieve and is a sick and twisted as it’s namesake. To date we have built 546m of track and to say it’s going well is an understatement. It has to be seen to believed. This is a digger built track.

13. Anti Disestablishment – it breaks the rules, bucks the trends and is a nod to the current situation.
Starting in a paddock amongst baby pines, it wiggles and waggles and then climbs up to a three track terrace in an incredibly short space right by the creek, affording super views. You then cross the creek and then climb and zig & zag in an established pine block, a bit of puff and excitement in amongst it all. You are rewarded with some more traversing wiggles and then the quick downhill and chicane back onto the “road” to the Skills Area. This is a digger built track and is 424m long.

14. Shit’s ‘n’ Giggles – This climbing friendly and fun track will take you from the bottom of the land to the top and you won’t mind. It will be so much fun, that you will love coming down it. 697m of track has been built to date, more wiggles and waggles and big corners in regenerating bush. This is a digger built track.

15. Paddock Racer – hand-built by Mr Haven, this track is flat, flowy and fun; she cries out for a furious pace. The challenge is to ride at full pace and get round all the corners without using your brakes. Paddock Racer is 338m long and finishes at the fenceline, ready to be connected on to our other tracks.

16. Fenceline – After you cross the creek, the idea is to sweep left, cross the creek, duck under Frank’n’Furter, swing right cross the creek again and climb up to a nice swoopy descent by a cave. You then continue along the creek, another corner by the waterfall and up to an old Fenceline with a big corner beside a fallen down pine, and possibly a staging area for 2 or 3 other tracks, most likely Trickle Falls will come out here. The track continues along a scenic traverse above the waterfall and back down to the creek offering fantastic views of the creek and surrounds and the native regeneration that is coming along strong. This is a digger built track and 281m of track has been built to date. The track will join up with the Zephyr. This track also feeds into AliTrack.

17. Fred – This short distraction will have plenty of swoops and big berms and ups and downs in regenerating native bush and established pines besides the creek. This is a digger built track and 330m has been built . Make sure you ask us, why it’s called Fred!

18. Project G – A close neighbour to Fred Project G frolics amongst our Gum wood-lot, and teenage Kanuka forest. Two lines exist, one providing a fun fast downhill connector and then a fun swooping multi traverse track is on offer as a distraction in between. This is a digger built track and is 318m long.

19. The Downward Spiral (think Anaconda) – Tantalisingly close to the climbing track this will be a bundle of fun with lots of grins and yelps abounding when you scream down this track. Coming soon…

20. AliTrack aka Passo Del Stelvio aka Fat Ali’s Folly – an audacious track that will flow down a tight valley where ScollyWood meets Zig & Zag and Chicken Run down and down to the waterfall near Fenceline. This is a hand built track by Fat Ali – 1071m of track has been built with 36 bends predominately in native forest. This is an intermediate level track and will be superb once the track has settled in..

21. Skills Area – In our picnic/rest area, we are building a 127m raised board-walk with a number of skill zones to learn, hone and sharpen your skills. There will be a rock garden, teeter-totter, corners, skinnies and a couple of other unique surprises. Each zone will have a bypass, so you can pick n choose. There is also a massive berm and a wall-ride as well. There are plans for a more advanced board-walk in the general location in the future as well. So you can sit back, relax and cheer on your friends as they clean the tricks… Stage One is very close to being complete.

22. The Long Cut – A long traverse track with a few corners is planned to take you from ScollyWood to Eagles Nest without having to slog up the flattest part of the 4WD Track! This is a digger built track and is 503m long.

23. Zephyr – With winter being wet and not much sun, we had to start the River Track from the Other End so we don’t end up making more mess with the Digger than we need to over fresh and damp dirt. So we have already built some exciting and fun track that ducks and dives and swoops and sweeps below the road, crossing the River a couple of times and in very pleasant surrounds. Col has done a great job making a fun track without disturbing too much of the native regen. We had to blow up a rock ridge, but now that is taken care of, Scott from T5 has picked up the mantle and is putting in a fun, flowing track beside the river. Now named the Zephyr as you can dip and zip through this track as it follows the river and is a nod to the trail builder. This is a digger built track with two bridges and two rock fords and is approx 355m long.

24. Gum Road – This road was built to service the gum woodlot at Haven, but provides a fun detour for riders. This is a big digger built track and is 157m long.

25. Ali Traverse Track (1) – 30m of hand built track has been made, this track will delve off AliTrack and head towards the Gold Valley Challenge track, another traverse is planned lower down AliTrack.

26. Ali Traverse Track (2) – 100m of hand built track has been made, this track will gently climb/descend from/to the Gold Valley Challenge Track.

27. Gold Valley Challenge – this track climbs passed both Ali Traverse Tracks and then continue up the valley to the junction of Scollywood, the 4WD Track and The Long Cut. It is a hand built track and features 25 magnificent bends with some fast traverses but don’t forget to check out the views. This track is 650m long.

28. The Muur – this easy multi-direction track allows riders to access the top tracks by missing out the steep drive to Haven. It will also be a fun downhill after climbing AliTrack. This track is 535m long and is a combination of digger built and hand built track.

29. From Wood to Sky – this fun hand built track continue up from the Scollywood / Gold Valley Challenge junction and push up to the top of the 4WD Track and the junction of The Long Cut and Eagles Nest. This is 166m long. This track affords some pretty awesome views of the park.

30. Squeeze On In – a hand built track that will sneak and twist and turn and try to fit in between the river track and the road. It was a fun challenge – to build and to ride! This track is 450m long.

31. Eagles Nest Extension

32. Kid’s Krazy Koru

33. Electric Avenue – We’ve started building this hand built track that is under the power lines. This is a hand built track and will be fun and twisty. This track is xxxm long.

34. Far Canal – This uber steep track is essentially to give us quad bike access to the upper trails, plus a hell of a challenge to climb or descend. Say it fast three times. This is a digger built track. This track is xxxm long.

35. Pork Pie – an old fashioned DH Track – hardly built, mostly raked, so it is an old skool, loose, sketchy, off camber, berms are for pussies kind of track. There is no signage at the moment, but if you suck up right, Mr Haven will take you up there. This track is 312m long

36. Give it A go – Ali has finished an easy, entry level climb and descent, a good stepping stone to attacking the Climb or the Muur. This track will be hand-built. This track is 200m long.

37. Pig Rooter – This is a bit of an experiment, the upper reaches of the valley are inundated with wild pigs and I have never seen so much pig rooting before, so thanks to the pigs and my trust silky saw, we have cut out a track. I’m hoping that human scent and bike traffic will displace the piggies somewhere else. This track is 000m long.

38. Smash Palace

39. Sleeping Dogs

40. Evil Dead III – Army of Darkness

41. Sassy Pig Trail

42. Evil Dead II

43. The Evil Dead – 

44. Ash vs The Evil Dead

45. Hidden Valley Track – Built by the neighbours and offered up to us, this is a cool wee track that gives access to their native planting in the gully. This is a digger built track and it 000m long.

46. Farawaystan – This is an existing farm track loop that we are allowed to play on. This track is 000m long

47. Far Far Away

48. Far Far Away reRun