We had great fun on the March Dig Day. Allister popped over bright and early, so we headed off along Chicken Run and Scollywood, tidying up the trail corridor and after a lot of riders, we had a few hot spots to tidy up and improve.

It was good to be pruning back the natives, and there is less and less broom and gorse about the place. Super stuff.

We also put in a couple of bigger wiggles at the end of Chicken Run which will add some enjoyment.

This is the first time we have done any major trail work on Chicken Run since we originally finished it a couple of years ago.

Since I have been hitting the roads full time in preparation for my forthcoming Belgium trip, I was amazed at the growth on the trails.

It was super to catch up with Allister, who has finally retired and now spends much of his day helping out rising cycling stars and riding his bike. Sounds like an awesome idea. What a legend!

Lisa did a great job at pruning the naughty grasses that are growing a bit too big and pushing riders out.

We also had a bunch of riders trying out the tracks over the weekend, so I hope they enjoyed themselves.

Winter certainly seems to be coming along swiftly – plenty of rain, the days are definitely getting shorter, the nights colder and the autumnal colours showing themselves! So come out and enjoy the last vestiges of a warm sun.

See you out there.
Mr Haven

March Dig Day