Now that we are getting a bunch of people coming out and we can’t always show people around, it was time to map out a fun loop track of the “Lower Tracks” to allow people to session the tracks and take in the most of what is available and missing the dead ends as we work towards completing the trail network

So here she is – the Lower Loop all up a nice 2.4 km, only missing 1 & a 1/4 of all the tracks available on the Lower Tracks. What a bargain!

The Lower Loop!
A wee bit closer! So many wiggles, and berms!

No big climbs, but lots of chances to get some speed up!

From the car park, you follow the arrows to the “caravan” to sign in (of course) and then as you are rearing to go follow the arrows marked LOOP up to Anti Disestablishment, more arrows and out and up to the road for a 50m section and then pop down the wee short-cut onto the middle of Frank’N’Furter to take advantage of Lisa’s massive berms, cross the creek and up and down and side to side and you end up on River Track, more smooth fast wiggles and berms and then onto Ssh Track, some real hand-built singletrack, one of my favourites. After Ssh Track, follow the arrow (missing out AYUNCT) down and cross the creek, around the fence and then onto the new Paddock Racer and then you’re back at the caravan, so its time to do it again and again and again!

Of course, there are no limits, you can ride as little or as much as your like or take in all of Frank’N’Furter, just pay attention to the signage at the end of the track and/or climb AYUNCT to the trail end as well. So nice views up there!
Some people prefer to ride the tracks in the other direction, well that’s just fine as well.
If you make a time with us, Shailer is very happy to give you the grand tour!

Shailer (Mr Haven) doing what he loves best! Showing people around Haven.

If you want to chill out at any stage, you can put your feet up in the Skills Area, try out the wall-ride/giant berm, have a feed and watch the world go by. Soon you will be able to test your skills on our board-walk!

Almost ready!

You can find out description of all our tracks on our track page –>

Unsolicited comments by new riders in the weekend were “this is a great wee loop,” and “there is nothing like this around Christchurch.” Come along and check us out.

Looking South, what a beauty of a day.

When you’ve had enough, don’t forget to sign out!

And of course, there are still all the “Upper Tracks” to do as well!
We will put up a suggested ride order, as per our map up soon.
It’s a bit trickier to have a simple loop track up there!

View of Paddock Racer from the Miners Track.

If you still want more, more more! Check out the Rail Trail, Living Springs, the Sign of the Packhorse, Mt Herbert, the Monument, and Double Fenceline. Gotta love riding on the Peninsula!

Email us or Facebook us to make a time for a visit.

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Introducing the Lower Loop