A little birdie told me that it was pretty grotty weather in Chur-Chur over the weekend and by comparison it was super duper here at Haven over both days. Whilst we can’t boast summer temperatures, we did have sunshine, no wind and great riding conditions.

Night riding conditions are superb, pretty chilly but on the positive side there are clear bright skies where you can see the vastness of space – stars, planets and galaxies.

Of course this can’t last, indeed the forecast says it may be turning to poo in the next couple of days.

So if you were thinking about coming out for a visit, we recommend you do so before the end of the month, real winter can’t be too far off.

Here are some pics from last weekend, a nice autumnal day…

The riding won’t stop then, of course, but it will mean a few more slippery spots, you will get wet, there will be mud and probably some blood, and the tracks all get a little bit harder in winter!
We do get periods of heavy rain which will mean the park will be closed for a few days.

Mr Haven is happy to show people round any time and we have a dig day coming up this weekend, where we hope to extend the trail network with our first Digger Action of the year and commence our planting programme for the season as well. You are most welcome to come along and help, pop out for a look-see and of course go for a hoon.

Membership is very reasonable, lasts for a year and it all goes into making new tracks, maintaining our existing tracks and planting a bunch of natives. People are welcome to “try before you buy.”
Help out at two Dig Days and next year’s membership is FREE!

Contact us to make a time to come on out – Phone 329-7399, Email or Stalk Book
Mr Haven

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