Another month passes at Haven, our very own boutique intermediate level mountain bike park on Banks Peninsula, and summer has certainly arrived. No rain for some time and plenty of scorching hot days with little or no wind! The grass has finally decided to stop growing so we don’t need to mow every week but now we start worrying about fires!

Please be aware there is a total fire ban on and smoking is strictly forbidden at Haven.

We have been busy fighting back the growth into the trail corridor and  creating ride lines – everything is seasoning well and going great.

Monumental progress is occurring on Ali’s new track – the Gold Valley Challenge, with a significant portion of the track completed. Ali tells me only 9 corners left to build! Here are a few pictures of the terrain, it’s magical and will be another great place to hide from the Sun!

The digging has been surprisingly easy (touches wood), and we are progressing much faster than we imagined – that said, it goes a lot faster with more people, come out and join in the fun of building great trails.

It’s been super to see so many new faces, indeed familiar faces as well, out enjoying the park and people trying us out – even in the heat of the day. Yes the weather station is still non-operational – we are working on it.

We don’t have the best coverage at home, so can’t always respond immediately to text, etc. 
We may also be out riding!

Still plenty of summer to be had, night riding is pretty damn good, if I say so myself, and we aren’t that far away from Chur Chur.
Happy Trails
Mr Haven

January Update