The sharp-eyed amongst you will have noticed that our rain gauge isn’t working on our weather station at the moment, it seems that the spiders that live there in the summer have decided to make it a permanent abode and have killed it – oh well any excuse to upgrade! However our webcam still works, so you can test the forecast!

December was another busy month fighting back nature, particularly with the mix of hot days and wet days which means zoom zoom to nature.

Ali continues to do amazing work on his awesome hand built climbing track, we are now in the final stage of the trail development, benching the line out to riding width and tidying up the corners as we move up the hill. It looks amazing, I can’t wait until we ride it. I will post up some before and after photos shortly, so you can see just how far we’ve come.

The Wood Pigeons are back in force, so keep an eye out for them swooping and crashing through the trees.

All the tracks have been cleared and sprayed by Mrs Haven and her trail pixies, kudos to them, we have to start again now, it’s been such a growing season!

We also had out Scott Walker from T5 Contracting to build an easy climbing track so that people can avoid our steep drive to get the awesome Upper Tracks. I was initially a bit dubious as Scott’s digger makes our one look big, but after a few hours it was all good. Scott was working a particularly steep and rocky gully which also had a few other surprises, plenty of old man’s beard, and tangleweed, the odd pine to tunnel under, plenty of broom and a couple of old fences. The weather also came out to play, but none of this deterred Scott and his wee Yanmar. The rocks were beaten into submission by the mighty Slammer Tool and later by a nice wee hydraulic rock breaker. At the end of the week, we had a pretty tired Scott, a very happy Mr Haven, and a finished intermediate level climbing track that takes us about halfway to the top. Awesomesauce! You should try Scott out for your backyard project (normal sized or haven sized backyards!) We look forward to seeing Scott again to finish up this track and to extend our many cunning plans afoot at Haven – Canterbury’s very own intermediate level mountain bike park.

After – we at the red dot, give or take half way!

We’re out and about a lot at the moment, so if you want to visit and you’re not a club member, please try and give us a bit of notice. One of the benefits of membership is you can ride whenever you please (except when the park is closed.)

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Happy Trails
Mr Haven

December Update