What an amazing autumn we have had. The weather has been so warm that the tracks are in great condition, the bike has been out far more than expected and we even have spring flowers in full bloom.

All in all, perfect weather for track building! So come on out on Saturday 11th June from 10am. Don’t forget to bring your bike (or your walking shoes if you feel like a more sedate tour of the park). The upper tracks are open and looking awesome, if I don’t say so myself!

Last month we had the digger out for 5 days and managed to create some great new stretches of track and tidy up some corners from previously built track. Of course, while the digger takes the worst of the work away, it really requires the human touch to finish off the corners and surfaces. I also took the opportunity with the continuing dry weather to spray the upper tracks which is now taking effect and looking great.

As previously mentioned, the tracks have suffered no damage from the earthquakes (only one small rock jumped down on to the track from it’s careful placement just above the track). There is also no sign of any potential danger from rocks waiting in ambush on the upper slopes, so it’s a safe place to work and play.

I’m not sure if we have mentioned it, but we are now on Twitter and Facebook. So just look out for Haven mtb park and you too can be treated to the ongoing tweets of our very own Shailer…

Here’s hoping that you are all continuing on safely and are thinking of getting back on the bike to beat the winter (and earthquake) blues.

See you soon.
Lisa (aka Madam Secretary)

Dig Day This Weekend