Another month has whisked past, the days are getting shorter and it’s a bit cooler, we are getting some very welcome moisture but summer is still lingering which is great.

We’ve almost finished the corners and the benching on the Gold Valley Challenge and we will have 90% of the track to 90% level, we are well on track to have the track all go for spring!

Then it’s a winter of tweaking the Muur and AliTrack and finishing a connecting track between AliTrack and The GVC.

Ali is also plotting another track to connect Scollywood to the top of the 4WD Track.

We are also going to plant a heap of natives over winter and clear some space for some more woodlots.

We will also be having the Little Yellow Digger and the team from T5 Contracting  in mid April for some new trails to be cut.

It’s been super to see so many new people (and old) out playing at Haven, help spread the word.

Come out and have some fun at Haven.

Happy Trails
Mr Haven

March update