Another weekend full of Digger Action at Haven MTB Park. We continued working on the AYUNC Track.

As Yet UnNamed Climbing Track

By close of play, we had completed 3 corners and four traverses, a whole bunch of wiggles and 504m of track.

Although it wasn’t all plain sailing this session, a few cliffs and massive rocks that couldn’t be dug out slowed us down, the tangle weed was pretty endemic which made it quite tough to make progress. It was sad to knock down some of the older Mahoe that were regenerating, but I managed to get round all the established Kanuka. The good news is that for every Mahoe that died, there were at least 10 cousins doing well and I also put paid to the remaining gorse and broom, but there wasn’t too much in evidence.

Lisa worked great guns on the messy second corner, where I put in a random chicane to get the necessary height to get passed an old Mahoe and a massive rock. There is a nice surprise for people on the downhill leg. I think when it beds down it will work out just fine. I rode up it OK yesterday and the down is already good fun. Like any climbing track, it sure is a blast on the way down!

Lisa also provided a sumptuous feast each day and hot beverages which were greatly appreciated. Nature also provided a very cool picnic rock. I have also added to the burgeoning rock collection, so we will make a mini stonehenge picnic area under the pine tree.

So onward and upward now, with the third corner mostly cut, the traverses will get shorter as we follow the property boundary, this edge is on a diagonal ending with a point at the top of the hill. Not sure if it will speed up now, with more corners and not knowing how much dirt is in there with the rocks, but it’s been a blast so far.

Another digger session is on the cards for this weekend, although the forecast may mean it won’t be shorts and sunnies time, I am sure looking forward to watching these new trails bed in and ride them in time for summer.

Mr Haven.

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